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Why I Write Poetry

I have been asked why I write Poetry.  I wrote this article years ago for an online publication.  It answers that question.

My writing began at a very young age.  I was in the third grade, and my sister used me and one of my friends as her students for a college project.  We had to write sentences about various things.  I remember my dear sister telling me I used way more expressions and adjectives than my friend.  It wasn’t because I loved to talk, because I was not and am not a talkative person.  I think it was because I could express myself better in written words than in spoken words.

I continued on to sixth grade.  We had a student teacher who wanted our class to have a newspaper.   I was elected as the Editor and had to write an editorial.  I had no idea what my subject would be, and then it happened.  There was a fight between a girl and boy in my class.  I mean a knockdown, drag-out, hair pulling fight.  I can’t remember the cause of the fight, but I do remember it gave me my Editorial, which was “Is Fighting Necessary in Our Sixth Grade Class?”  My opinion was definitely no.  My teacher loved my editorial, but my two classmates didn’t speak to me the rest of the year.

The next year I found poetry.  It was just something that seemed to come naturally.  A few friends and I would write poetry about everything.  We covered boys, friends, teachers, seasons, sports, etc.  I made a poem book and kept all of our poems.  I still have those faded poems.  Some were very good, and I have to admit some were terrible.  I do not know if those friends write poetry today, but I know that it is still a big part of my life.

When I was a freshman in High School, I was selected to be on the Annual Staff.  I always thought it was because my brother had been the Editor the year before, but someway I was on staff all four years of High School.  Our sponsor asked me to write a poem to go on the page that included our Senior class picture.  This was an honor for me.  I hope my classmates will think of the good times when they look back at that old annual, now that we’ve continued with our “Footprints Thru Time”, which was the title of the poem.

My father had a heart attack during my Senior year and passed away a few weeks after my graduation.  That was a horrible time, and I quit writing poetry.  At the time I just tried to go on with my life.  I wanted to be okay, so no one would worry.  I had to continue my education.  I had to get everything straightened out for funding.  I don’t think I realized how hurt I was until Christmas.  Christmas at my house has always been a gigantic event –not because we received loads of expensive gifts – but because we just enjoyed that time together.  We would have members of our family running from one part of the house to find their gift.  We would use little notes that would tell you the next place to look for your gift.  We would have an abundance of food.  We would also have gag gifts, and my dad loved to laugh.  I have a picture of him holding a red apple that I had given him at Christmas.  He had the biggest smile on his face.   That first Christmas was very sad, but we made it.   Our Christmases today are still a gigantic event, and I hope that never changes.

As I grew older and joined the workforce, I began to write poetry a little.  My sister always loved my personalized poems, so I started writing her a poem for her birthdays.  My sister was and is my greatest inspiration.  She had severe rheumatoid arthritis, heart problems, and various other health problems.  She was bedfast for many years.  She always had a smile no matter what.  She always looked for the good in everything and everybody.  She always took the time to listen to anyone’s complaints, while living with a body that was slowly torturing her to death.  She always put others first.  Her life, her love, her encouragement, her focus, her courage, her dedication to her family and her unwavering faith in God would be an inspiration to anyone.  It is especially an inspiration to me, her little sister who has that same disease but does not handle it even half as well as she did.  She went to heaven in 1992 at the age of 40 years old, and her memory will always inspire me.

I’ve never wanted to write about my heartaches.  I’ve always believed that my poems should be encouraging.  I wanted to write about finding the strength we receive from God during those heartaches.  The strength that we know could not possibly come from us.  I wanted to write about being an encouragement to others and about the true love of God.  I began writing poems for our church newsletter and still do.  I will get inspiration from a devotion, a person who is inspiring, an event, etc.

I love writing a personalized poem using details about their life, as I now do at Loving Lines and More.  I wrote a personalized poem for one of my coworkers who was not known to be emotional at all.  It was right after the death of her sister, and it was just saying how sorry I was.  I remember her telling me through loads of tears that was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her.

I’ve not always done the right things in my life, and God still has blessed me.  He has allowed me to be a mother to a beautiful daughter.   He gave me the best parents, brother, and sister anyone could hope for.  He also blessed me with three nephews and a niece (my oldest nephew’s soul mate) that I could not love any more if they were my own children.  He continues to provide the best family, friends, and church anyone could have.

God has given me this talent to write poems.  I am not the best writer in the world, but if I can just touch one person with a poem – I call that an achievement.  If I can just bring a smile with a poem to someone who is having a bad day – I call that a victory.  If I can eulogize a loved one in a poem and it provides comfort – I call that an accomplishment.  If I can convey the love I have for my family and friends in a poem – I call that a triumph.   If I can show the Love of God in a small way through poetry and personalized poems, I call that a success.  The achievement, victory, accomplishment, triumph, and success are not because of anything I have done.  It is due to God working through me to use the talent he gave to me.  This small talent I have is a blessing, just as my family, friends, and church are.

Why do I write poetry and personalized poems?  It is because I want to try to bless others as much as I’ve been blessed.

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Miracles Do Happen

Hey Everybody,

We are back up and running! I am so very thankful for all your prayers, love, and patience. I am here to tell you that God still performs miracles. I am living proof! I won’t go into all the details except to say I was basically told there was nothing the doctors in my area could do to save my life. I had a great blessing of having a Cardiologist who would send me to specialists who would try their best to find a solution. With God leading the way, that is exactly what happened. I thank everyone who was involved, and I thank and give all glory to God.

Enough about me – I hope you enjoy the below poem.


Storms of life are going to come,
As you go your way.
Trials, pain, and hardships
Will sometimes fill your days.
With every storm comes the chance
For your faith to grow;
Even when things don’t make sense,
And the outcome you don’t know.
It’s easy to believe in God
When the sky is shining bright;
But when the sky grows darker,
It shows what is inside.
Inside your heart you should have faith.
That God will bring you through.
You may not like the outcome,
But He knows what’s best for you.
He’ll give you hope and send His strength.
He’ll meet your every need.
He’ll take your hand inside of his
And through the storms He’ll lead.

Loving Lines and More

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”

2 Corinthians 12:9 (NIV)

“It’s only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth — and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up — that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had.”

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (Borrowed from David Browning – The Mayberry Deputy)

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Believe in Miracles!

Loving Lines and More

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The Month of Thanks

November is a time of thanksgiving, but let’s strive to give thanks every day. I could not even count all my blessings.

Below is a poem I wrote for our church newsletter some time ago about thanking the Lord. Also, I have included a poem for a soldier in honor of Veterans Day, and it is available on our website. Lastly, I have shared a poem I wrote for a dear friend of mine. Her birthday is this month.

Thank You, Lord

Thank you, Lord, there is no place
So far your love won’t reach;
No heart so cold you cannot melt;
No child you cannot teach.

Thank you, Lord, for sending hope
And comfort when in need;
For mercy that I don’t deserve;
For blessings I receive.

Thank you, Lord, that when I sin,
Your grace will still forgive.
For giving strength in troubled times
And every day I live.

Thank you, Lord, for saving me
And making me brand new;
For preparing me a place to live
When this life is through.

Thank you, Lord, for opened eyes
That once refused to see;
But most of all I thank you, Lord,
For always loving me.
Inspired by a Prayer by Sharon Jaynes from “Messenger from Heaven”

Loving Lines and More


I just want to thank you
For all the things you do;
For all your sacrifices
And all that you go through.

For wanting to serve others,
For giving all your best;
For showing such commitment
No matter what the test.

For always showing courage
And never being weak.
Showing strength in troubled times
When freedom is what we seek.

For being an inspiration
No matter where you trod;
For striving to keep this nation
One nation under God.

Loving Lines and More


There are special people
God places in our lives.
People with a heart of gold,
Who will stand right by your side.

People who are willing
To give a helping hand.
No matter what the time of day;
They’ll do everything they can.

Even though they have their lives
And problems that they face;
They put others ahead of their own needs
With hope and a strong embrace.

They always have an attitude
As positive as can be.
They know our lives are in God’s hands,
And that promise gives them peace.

You are such a person,
And we’re honored to call you friend.
You’re a blessing to everyone you meet
In a world that needs to mend.

We thank God for your friendship,
And that He blessed us with your life.
We thank God you’re so precious
And our treasured sister in Christ.

Loving Lines and More

November Bible Verse:
Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Isaiah 40:30-31 (NIV)

November Saying:
“Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.” – Sally Koch

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Loving Lines and More

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October Fall

Happy October!  It is time for Fall and crisp, cool air.

Below is a poem I wrote for our church newsletter in 2005 about the miracle of the changing leaves in the mountains of Tennessee. Also, I have included a poem I wrote for a homecoming at my church. Lastly, I have shared a poem I wrote for my sister years ago before she went to heaven. It has been 24 years this month since her death.


If you look up in the mountains
At all the many trees.
You’ll see the leaves start changing
As they rustle with the breeze.

So quietly it happens.
It seems like overnight.
It’s hard to capture in a picture
Such a lovely sight.

Golden, red, and orange
With rainbow colors for the trees.
It’s as if God took some crayons
And colored all the leaves.

Sometimes we forget to notice,
Because this happens every year.
We get so very busy.
We miss the miracle that’s here.

This happens in our daily lives,
And sometimes we don’t see
The very special miracles
God performs for you and me.

Loving Lines and More

A Little Church

There’s a little church in Stoney Creek,
Setting beside the road.
The kind you see in pictures
With sunshine and its glow.

The mountains setting all behind.
A steeple standing high
With bright colored windows
That sparkle day or night.

A church in size that is very small,
But this church is so much more.
A church that opens wide its arms
To those who pass its doors.

This church is not the building,
But this church is what’s inside;
A lot of loving people
And the Lord, who is their guide.

Loving Lines and More


I look back on long ago,
When you took care of me.
You fixed my meals and fed me well,
When mom was gone – you see.

You always let me hang around,
When friends came to stay.
I’m sure I was a pest to you,
A little sister in the way.

I don’t believe you complained,
Even though we shared a room;
But I know when I moved out,
It was probably none too soon.

You always let me drive your car,
No matter where I’d go.
You’d always leave me lots of gas,
And I would leave you low.

In all your pain you always find
A reason you can smile;
And when I feel bad, you listen.
You go that extra mile.

You’re such a special sister
And a special friend to me.
You’re an inspiration in my life.
The way no one else could be.

Loving Lines and More

October Bible Verse:
Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
Matthew 19:26 (NV)

October Saying:

“Perseverance is the ability to progress in spite of adversity.”
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Have a great month!

Loving Lines and More

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Sweet September

For most people September signifies the end of summer. Each season has a beauty all its own. Let’s enjoy all seasons.

Below is a poem I wrote for a wonderful couple at our church who had celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. I have also included a poem written for a grandmother, since Grandparent’s Day is in September. Lastly, I have shared a poem I wrote for my nephew, TJ, years ago for his birthday, which is in September.

Jack & Nellie

The years go by so very fast.
Has it been 60 years
Since you pledged to love each other
Through good times and through tears?

You’ve built a home filled with love
And laughter all around;
A Christian home, a happy home
Where all felt safe and sound.

You’ve cared so much for all your kids.
You’d always freely give.
You both set great examples
Of the way that they should live.

You’ve held each other’s hand
Through very dreadful days.
Your faith is both so very strong.
Knowing God will lead the way.

You’re an inspiration to us,
Jack and Nellie Pate;
Two very special people
God knew would be soul mates.

Loving Lines and More


You’ve always been right there for me
Right from the very start.
I always knew you loved me
From the bottom of your heart.

When I was small you’d pick me up
And put me on your knee.
You could always make it better
And always comfort me.

You encouraged me no matter what
To do my very best.
With you I could do no wrong,
And I stood above the rest.

Some say you were harder
On your kids back in those days.
All I know is I can count on you
No matter come what may.
Loving Lines and More


Time is flying by us.
I can’t believe it’s true.
Sixteen years go by so fast,
And time catches up with you.

I remember a miracle child,
Who could hardly breathe;
Who fought as hard as he possibly could.
Because the world he wanted to see.

I remember a little baby
With a machine on his chest.
He’d just pull it off and laugh.
We never knew what might be next.

I remember a little boy
Going off to school.
He always came home filthy,
And he never tied his shoes.

And now – we have a teenager
With those sneaky, big, wide eyes;
Who’s always been so kind to me.
He’s a blessing in disguise.

No one could ever take your place.
You’re one of a kind—you see;
And no mater how old you are,
You’ll always be a miracle to me.

Loving Lines and More

September Bible Verse:
“You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book. Psalms 56:8 (NIT)

September Saying:

An optimist is one who sees an opportunity in every difficulty. A pessimist is one who sees a difficulty in every opportunity. L. P. Jacks

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Have a great September!

Loving Lines and More

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Back to School

Where did the summer go?  It is now back to school for all these precious children.  This is a good time to especially pray for the children in your life.  I know that is just what I plan to do.

Below is a poem I wrote for a dear, classy lady who was 95 and passed away a few years ago. I also have shared a poem that I had written for the Carter County Christian Women’s Retreat a few years ago in August. Lastly, I have shared a poem that is a little about going back to school.


You’re such a special person
To everyone you know.
You spread such love and kindness
Everywhere you go.

Your embroidery is stunning.
Your quilting is an art.
You give so much to others,
And it comes straight from your heart.

Your attitude is always good
No matter come what may.
You always give encouragement
To brighten up our days.

God gave us a special gift,
And we all love you so.
He made you an angel on earth
Who blesses everyone you know.

Loving Lines and More

Does the World Know I’m a Christian?

Does the world know I’m a Christian
When they see me on the street?
Do I think of others,
Or do I only think of me?
Does the world know I’m a Christian
When I’m driving down the road?
Am I rude to other drivers,
And those who drive too slow?
Does the world know I’m a Christian
When at work the day is long?
Am I easy to forgive
Those who do me wrong?

Does the world know I’m a Christian
In my family life each day?
Do I cause hate and turmoil
When I don’t get my way?
Someone may be on the verge
Of coming to the Lord.
If they see that I’m no different,
They may forever close the door.
Non-Christians may be watching
To see a difference in what we do;
So always think before you act,
They may be watching you!

Loving Lines and More


It’s back to school for all the kids.
Summer has gone so fast.
And now they must get ready,
So they won’t be left behind in class.
They must get pens and pencils
And paper on which to write.
Maybe a brand new notebook
And clothes that aren’t too tight.
We also need to be prepared
In the Christian lives we live.
We need to daily grow in Christ
And happily learn to give.
We need to read our Bibles
And study every day,
Letting our God speak to us.
Through His word He shows the way.
We need to keep on praying,
Knowing God knows what is best.
Having faith that can move mountains
And a peace that gives us rest.
We are to be clothed in righteousness
And praise His holy name.
Showing others the love of God,
And that it always stays the same.
We can learn a lesson
From these children that we love.
We need to be prepared to learn
From the great Teacher up above.

Loving Lines and More

August Bible Verse:
“The LORD is my strength and my shield;
my heart trusts in him, and I am helped.
My heart leaps for joy
and I will give thanks to him in song. Psalms 28:7 (NIV)

August Saying:

Accept that some days you’re the pigeon, and some days you’re the statue.

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Have a great August!

Loving Lines and More

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Celebrate our Country

Enjoy this month of July and celebrate our country!

Below are some patriotic poems we hope you enjoy.


It is hard for us to comprehend
There are countries on this Earth
Who do not have a Bible
To learn of Jesus’ birth.

There are also other countries,
Where people have to hide
The blessed word of God,
Or they may lose their life.

They have to meet in secret
To worship God above.
Sing hymns so very softly
To show God all their love.

Yet – we take for granted
Our Bible that we read,
The building that we worship in,
Our Country that is free.

A Country we can worship in,
And give praise to God above.
A Country that God has blessed us with,
This country that we love.

Loving Lines and More

Our Country

We are so very fortunate
To live in a country that is free,
A country where a flag flies high
And waves for you and me.

A country where we have a say
In those who govern us.
A country where we can worship
And show God all our love.

A country that was fought for
In so many different ways,
So we could have our freedom
And enjoy our lives today.

A country to be proud of
Along the path we trod.
A country we’ve been blessed with,
One nation under God.

Loving Lines and More

July Bible Verse:
“Whatever you do work at it with all your heart,
as working for the Lord, not for men. ”1 Corinthians 3:23 (NIV)

July Saying:
No Excuses – Just Results

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Happy Fourth and have a great July!

Loving Lines and More

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Dad’s Month

This is the month to honor dads. If you have a devoted dad, you are truly blessed!

Below is a poem I wrote in honor of my dad. I have also included a poem about our Flag in honor of Flag Day. Both poems are available on our website.


When I look back on memories
Of how my father lived.
I remember a lot of special things,
Things to me he’d give.

He always worked so very hard,
So I’d have food to eat,
A home to live in, clothes to wear,
And shoes upon my feet.

And all the things a “teen” must have.
I had to have a car.
All painted fresh and shining,
Like a brand new sparkling star.

Material things – they seem to have
A way of getting gone.
They lose their shine. They fall apart.
They don’t last very long.

But a special gift Dad gave me
That will never fall apart.
The memories of a Christian man,
Who loved us with all his heart.

A heart that looked to God for strength.
He showed how I should live,
And his Christian example
Was the best thing he could give!

Loving Lines and More


The flag is a great symbol
Of the freedom we all know.
A freedom we take for granted
That was fought for long ago.

The freedom to make a home
Wherever we may choose.
The freedom to vote for our candidates
Whether they win or lose.

The freedom we have to worship
Our precious God above.
Not to hide in secret,
But to share his precious love.

Our flag – it should be honored,
And our hearts should fill with pride.
To live in this great country
With our families by our side.

We shouldn’t take our flag for granted
Or the country we adore.
We should realize how blessed we are,
And humbly thank our Lord.

Loving Lines and More

June Bible Verse:
“See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven”. Matt 18:10, NIV

June Saying:
“By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong.” -Charles Wadsworth

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Have a great day!

Loving Lines and More

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Mom’s Month

Mother’s Day is a great day to send a poem! It is sure to touch any mother’s heart.

Below is a poem I wrote in honor of my mother. I have also included a poem that was written for my daughter and her husband. They were married in May.

The Christian Mother

Sometimes I take for granted
The Christian Mother who is there.
The mother who has raised me,
Who gave her love and care.

The Mother who helped me grow
In a fine, Christian home.
The Mother who has taught me
With God we’re not alone.

The Mother who has laughed with me,
When all was going well.
The Mother who has picked me up
The times that I have failed.

The Mother I didn’t appreciate
Until I was fully grown.
The sacrifices she made for me
As time quickly moved along.

The Mother with such Christian faith
That helped me from the start.
The Mother who I love and cherish
And treasure in my heart.

Loving Lines and More

Eric and Kristin

You both have been a blessing
To those along life’s way;
And it is only fitting
That you’d fall in love someday.

A paramedic trained to help
People in distress.
A nurse who works so very hard
And gives her very best.

The beginning of your story
Was a date at Smokey Bones;
And soon you found your special love.
It didn’t take that long.

A love that will be with you
Through good times and through bad.
A love that will comfort you
And dry your tears when sad.

A love that will speak the words,
When you can’t find words to say.
A love that lasts forever
And sustains you every day.

A love that God created;
It was destined from the start.
He knew that you would fall in love,
So he joined both your hearts.

Loving Lines and More

May Bible Verse:
Every one of you shall revere his mother and his father,
and you shall keep my Sabbaths: I am the LORD your God. Leviticus 19:3 ESV

May Saying:
“Focus on giants – you stumble. Focus on God – your giants tumble.” – Max Lucado

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Have a great day!

Loving Lines and More

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Easter is Hope

May we all be thankful and celebrate the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ, and the awesome hope we have because of it!

Below is a poem about how we need to pray. Also, included is a poem I wrote for our church newsletter about the crown Jesus wore. There is also a poem inspired by my dear mom. It is available on our website.


Do you think God is as far away?
When in fact he’s really here.
He always walks beside us,
And when we need him he is near.

We can tell God how we love him,
And praise his holy name.
A name that we can call on,
In the sunshine or the rain.

God can give us strength,
And he can light our way.
He’s as close as a prayer.
We’re in his hands each day.

And when our tears are falling,
And our world’s been blown apart.
We can speak to God.
He knows what’s in our heart.

A heart that he can mend
No matter come what may.
He’s always been right there for us.
We just need to pray.

Loving Lines and More


Our Savior came to earth as man.
He did not commit a sin.
He spoke of God’s eternal love.
God’s greatest gift was him.
The precious only son of God
Heard them mock his holy name.
Then they beat the Lamb of God
Until his body ached in pain.

They placed our Lord upon a cross.
They nailed his hands and feet.
He asked for their forgiveness,
As he died for you and me.
They placed his lifeless body
In a tomb so dark and cold;
But death could not hold our Savior,
Just as prophets once foretold.

Three days passed, and he rose again
To save us from our sins.
He’s building us a home on high,
So we can live with him.
He loves us more than words can say
Or a pen could ever write.
Christ wore a horrid crown of thorns,
So we could have a crown of life.

Loving Lines and More

A Mother is Special

A mother’s voice is special.
It can calm a baby’s cry.
It can sing away a nightmare
With a special lullaby.

A mother’s hands are special.
They can do so very much.
They can heal our cuts and bruises
With just a little touch.

A mother’s smile is special.
It makes us feel so safe.
It gives us the assurance
That everything’s okay.

Our mothers – they’re just special,
And most special is their love.
A love so unconditional,
One of God’s gifts from above.

Loving Lines and More

April Bible Verse:
I will remember the deeds of the LORD;
yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago. Psalm 77:11, NIV

April Saying:
Don’t dwell on your mistakes. Get it right the next time. – Kirk Speraw

Remember: We have readymade poems that you may easily personalize with the name of the recipient and your name. We can also write a personalized poem using details that you provide about the recipient. Please visit us at Thanks for visiting.

Have a great Easter!

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