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Mother’s Day Month

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time for personalized poems. Please visit us at http://www.lovinglinesandmore for a selection of custom made poems.

Happy Mother’s Day Month! I hope you have had the blessing of a wonderful mother. Below is a poem I wrote in honor of my mother. I have also included a poem that was written for my daughter and her husband. They were married in May.


How could I have been so blessed
To have a mom like you?
You’ve constantly been there for me
To help me make it through.

You met every need I had
When I was very small.
You were there to pick me up
The times that I would fall.

You nursed me well when I was sick
And always calmed my fears.
You found answers to my problems
And wiped a million tears.

You prepared me for this great big world.
You gave me wings to fly.
I know whatever happens
That you’ll be right by my side.

I hope you know that I love you,
More than words can say.
You grow more precious to me
Each and every day.

I appreciate all you’ve done,
And I thank the Lord above
That I’ve been so richly blessed
By the gift of my mother’s love..

Loving Lines and More

Eric and Kristin

You both have been a blessing
To those along life’s way;
And it is only fitting
That you’d fall in love someday.

A paramedic trained to help
People in distress.
A nurse who works so very hard
And gives her very best.

The beginning of your story
Was a date at Smokey Bones;
And soon you found your special love.
It didn’t take that long.

A love that will be with you
Through good times and through bad.
A love that will comfort you
And dry your tears when sad.

A love that will speak the words,
When you can’t find words to say.
A love that lasts forever
And sustains you every day.

A love that God created;
It was destined from the start.
He knew that you would fall in love,
So he joined both your hearts.

Loving Lines and More

May Bible Verse:
Every one of you shall revere his mother and his father,
and you shall keep my Sabbaths: I am the LORD your God. Leviticus 19:3 ESV

May Saying:
“Focus on giants – you stumble. Focus on God – your giants tumble.” – Max Lucado

Remember: We have readymade poems that you may easily personalize with the name of the recipient and your name. We can also write a personalized poem using details that you provide about the recipient. Please visit us at Thanks for visiting.

Have a great day!

Loving Lines and More


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