Posted by: lovinglinesandmore | April 9, 2018

Why I Write Poetry

I have been asked why I write Poetry.  I wrote this article years ago for an online publication.  It answers that question.

My writing began at a very young age.  I was in the third grade, and my sister used me and one of my friends as her students for a college project.  We had to write sentences about various things.  I remember my dear sister telling me I used way more expressions and adjectives than my friend.  It wasn’t because I loved to talk, because I was not and am not a talkative person.  I think it was because I could express myself better in written words than in spoken words.

I continued on to sixth grade.  We had a student teacher who wanted our class to have a newspaper.   I was elected as the Editor and had to write an editorial.  I had no idea what my subject would be, and then it happened.  There was a fight between a girl and boy in my class.  I mean a knockdown, drag-out, hair pulling fight.  I can’t remember the cause of the fight, but I do remember it gave me my Editorial, which was “Is Fighting Necessary in Our Sixth Grade Class?”  My opinion was definitely no.  My teacher loved my editorial, but my two classmates didn’t speak to me the rest of the year.

The next year I found poetry.  It was just something that seemed to come naturally.  A few friends and I would write poetry about everything.  We covered boys, friends, teachers, seasons, sports, etc.  I made a poem book and kept all of our poems.  I still have those faded poems.  Some were very good, and I have to admit some were terrible.  I do not know if those friends write poetry today, but I know that it is still a big part of my life.

When I was a freshman in High School, I was selected to be on the Annual Staff.  I always thought it was because my brother had been the Editor the year before, but someway I was on staff all four years of High School.  Our sponsor asked me to write a poem to go on the page that included our Senior class picture.  This was an honor for me.  I hope my classmates will think of the good times when they look back at that old annual, now that we’ve continued with our “Footprints Thru Time”, which was the title of the poem.

My father had a heart attack during my Senior year and passed away a few weeks after my graduation.  That was a horrible time, and I quit writing poetry.  At the time I just tried to go on with my life.  I wanted to be okay, so no one would worry.  I had to continue my education.  I had to get everything straightened out for funding.  I don’t think I realized how hurt I was until Christmas.  Christmas at my house has always been a gigantic event –not because we received loads of expensive gifts – but because we just enjoyed that time together.  We would have members of our family running from one part of the house to find their gift.  We would use little notes that would tell you the next place to look for your gift.  We would have an abundance of food.  We would also have gag gifts, and my dad loved to laugh.  I have a picture of him holding a red apple that I had given him at Christmas.  He had the biggest smile on his face.   That first Christmas was very sad, but we made it.   Our Christmases today are still a gigantic event, and I hope that never changes.

As I grew older and joined the workforce, I began to write poetry a little.  My sister always loved my personalized poems, so I started writing her a poem for her birthdays.  My sister was and is my greatest inspiration.  She had severe rheumatoid arthritis, heart problems, and various other health problems.  She was bedfast for many years.  She always had a smile no matter what.  She always looked for the good in everything and everybody.  She always took the time to listen to anyone’s complaints, while living with a body that was slowly torturing her to death.  She always put others first.  Her life, her love, her encouragement, her focus, her courage, her dedication to her family and her unwavering faith in God would be an inspiration to anyone.  It is especially an inspiration to me, her little sister who has that same disease but does not handle it even half as well as she did.  She went to heaven in 1992 at the age of 40 years old, and her memory will always inspire me.

I’ve never wanted to write about my heartaches.  I’ve always believed that my poems should be encouraging.  I wanted to write about finding the strength we receive from God during those heartaches.  The strength that we know could not possibly come from us.  I wanted to write about being an encouragement to others and about the true love of God.  I began writing poems for our church newsletter and still do.  I will get inspiration from a devotion, a person who is inspiring, an event, etc.

I love writing a personalized poem using details about their life, as I now do at Loving Lines and More.  I wrote a personalized poem for one of my coworkers who was not known to be emotional at all.  It was right after the death of her sister, and it was just saying how sorry I was.  I remember her telling me through loads of tears that was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her.

I’ve not always done the right things in my life, and God still has blessed me.  He has allowed me to be a mother to a beautiful daughter.   He gave me the best parents, brother, and sister anyone could hope for.  He also blessed me with three nephews and a niece (my oldest nephew’s soul mate) that I could not love any more if they were my own children.  He continues to provide the best family, friends, and church anyone could have.

God has given me this talent to write poems.  I am not the best writer in the world, but if I can just touch one person with a poem – I call that an achievement.  If I can just bring a smile with a poem to someone who is having a bad day – I call that a victory.  If I can eulogize a loved one in a poem and it provides comfort – I call that an accomplishment.  If I can convey the love I have for my family and friends in a poem – I call that a triumph.   If I can show the Love of God in a small way through poetry and personalized poems, I call that a success.  The achievement, victory, accomplishment, triumph, and success are not because of anything I have done.  It is due to God working through me to use the talent he gave to me.  This small talent I have is a blessing, just as my family, friends, and church are.

Why do I write poetry and personalized poems?  It is because I want to try to bless others as much as I’ve been blessed.


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