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October Fall

Happy October!  It is time for Fall and crisp, cool air.

Below is a poem I wrote for our church newsletter in 2005 about the miracle of the changing leaves in the mountains of Tennessee. Also, I have included a poem I wrote for a homecoming at my church. Lastly, I have shared a poem I wrote for my sister years ago before she went to heaven. It has been 24 years this month since her death.


If you look up in the mountains
At all the many trees.
You’ll see the leaves start changing
As they rustle with the breeze.

So quietly it happens.
It seems like overnight.
It’s hard to capture in a picture
Such a lovely sight.

Golden, red, and orange
With rainbow colors for the trees.
It’s as if God took some crayons
And colored all the leaves.

Sometimes we forget to notice,
Because this happens every year.
We get so very busy.
We miss the miracle that’s here.

This happens in our daily lives,
And sometimes we don’t see
The very special miracles
God performs for you and me.

Loving Lines and More

A Little Church

There’s a little church in Stoney Creek,
Setting beside the road.
The kind you see in pictures
With sunshine and its glow.

The mountains setting all behind.
A steeple standing high
With bright colored windows
That sparkle day or night.

A church in size that is very small,
But this church is so much more.
A church that opens wide its arms
To those who pass its doors.

This church is not the building,
But this church is what’s inside;
A lot of loving people
And the Lord, who is their guide.

Loving Lines and More


I look back on long ago,
When you took care of me.
You fixed my meals and fed me well,
When mom was gone – you see.

You always let me hang around,
When friends came to stay.
I’m sure I was a pest to you,
A little sister in the way.

I don’t believe you complained,
Even though we shared a room;
But I know when I moved out,
It was probably none too soon.

You always let me drive your car,
No matter where I’d go.
You’d always leave me lots of gas,
And I would leave you low.

In all your pain you always find
A reason you can smile;
And when I feel bad, you listen.
You go that extra mile.

You’re such a special sister
And a special friend to me.
You’re an inspiration in my life.
The way no one else could be.

Loving Lines and More

October Bible Verse:
Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
Matthew 19:26 (NV)

October Saying:

“Perseverance is the ability to progress in spite of adversity.”
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Have a great month!

Loving Lines and More


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